Miner Zone 5.17–5.23 weekly report

MZO is about to emerge, the community continues to expand, and the technology continues to break through. DApp will be launched soon. MEMZ in the Miner Zone creation zone will officially meet with you. MZT will soon be deployed on the OKExChain mainnet. Duck!

  1. The DApp UI is fully completed, and the function development has been completed 65%;
  2. The Miner Zone website is optimized;
  3. Optimize the situation of misalignment in ray tracing;
  4. The OKExChain testnet has completed 253 runs, and all bugs found during the run have been repaired.
  1. MZO mining machine 2.3 version upgrade;
  2. The new version of MZO miner solves the problem of increased delay caused by overheating of the network module for a long time, and fixes the bug that the FPS is unstable and causes the screen to freeze.
  1. The continuous maintenance of Telegram and Discord has increased the total number of people by 200, and has developed a development plan, which will be implemented in the near future.
  2. Around the NFT+ financial virtual reality industry circle, successively access OKExChain ecological resources.



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Miner Zone

Miner Zone

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Miner Zone-A new generation of decentralized web, which is based on the data value sharing network with blockchain.